Welcome to FarmInvest Tech

About Us

We’re Leader in Agriculture Market

We are connecting farmers to crowd funding and to buyers in Africa and globally. Our Platform facilitates farmers to access crowd funding for farming financing to boost productivity, improve livelihoods and food security for Africa and globally.

Our Mission

Promoting food & nutrition security

We focused on maximizing food production by use of effective technologies that boost yields and decrease post-harvest losses in order to achieve food and nutrition security locally and beyond.

Access to Inputs & Advisory

We offer farmers best quality agriculture inputs from reputed companies including Governments, NGOs and private companies to offer smart advisory services using IoT sensors.

Access to Finance

We facilitate low cost funding for the farmers for managing their farms and buying agriculture inputs & machinery.

Access to Buyers

We facilitate our farmers to better access to markets by reducing intermediaries and connecting them directly with buyers.

We Grow with love

Our farmers grow best healthy products