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Farmer In Uganda


A livestock farmer from Mbarara, a beautiful village in Uganda. Through Farminvest , which provides easy access to capital for underprivileged farmers by connecting them with potential farm sponsors, Peter has been able to reach a sustainable financial solvency. This allowed her to fend for her family and live a better life overall. Sylvia explains how she used to be burdened by the interest on loans earlier and..

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How It Works

  • 1. Choose a farm to invest in

    Sign up and register to be able to view and choose a farm to invest in. Use the website to invest in a Farm by transferring funds into your farminvest account.

  • 2. Farm funded

    Once a farm or a block of farm is successfully funded, the farmers will be provided with the right resources to start farming with support from our technical team in every step.

  • 3. Farm follow-up and visits

    During the farming cycle, you will receive farm progress updates including pictures and videos by visiting your farminvest platform. Monitor your virtual farm on FarmerInvest`s online dashboard and receive reports on your farm' value and performance.

  • 4. Receive your returns

    When your Farm reach maturity or harvest phase and produce sold, the proceeds which are original capital together with the profit shared, will return to the investor , deposited in your Farminvest's account where they can be withdrawn, held, or reinvested in new opportunities.

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